There is a REASON you love OWLS! 
There is a REASON that OWLS are everywhere!
Do you want to learn how to paint owls? 
Paint Owls
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I love painting owls SO much that I created this online course to share with you!
Starting in 2009,
I painted ONLY owls for 2 years straight!
Then in late 2018, OWL came back.
So I created this opportunity for you to paint your own MAGICAL Owl Painting. 

NO painting experience necessary. 

You just need a love of owls. 
Owls want to help you SEE things more clearly. Their tremendous vision brings to you the ability to see things that have been hidden up until now, to receive intuitive guidance that will guide you on your highest path, and to illuminate new possibilities for you. "Owl medicine" is a cure for feeling lost, confused, or disconnected from your truth. Since owls are nighttime creatures they are connected to the moon and hence, the feminine energies of creativity, intuition, and a fierce loving power that can support you as you open up to loving yourself more and creating into your reality more of what will make you happy! As you paint owls, you are truly creating into your experience all of these opportunities. Ready to fly!?
Whitney Freya
I have been teaching total beginners how to paint for FUN, for RELAXATION, for YOU... since 1996.
I keep it simple. 

You will have fun! 

And you will create your own OWL art to hang in your home, give as gifts, and enjoy for years to come! 

It’s easy! 
  • Instant access to step-by-step video lessons to paint four completely different owl paintings. 
  • Learn easy tips and painting techniques to learn how to paint easily (no experience required) and how to loosen up and PLAY (if you already paint.)
  • Step-by-step, no-fail instruction on how to layer colors and textures in your paintings, how to use stencils as an under layer, and how to have fun painting FEATHERS! 
  • Whitney Freya’s recommended supply list
  • Membership into Whitney Freya’s online art studio
  • Whitney Freya’s Life Artist Master Class for FREE. This is 5 video lessons and 5 downloadable PDFs with teaching around how you can tune into the symbolic language that is all around you.
     Just $33!!!
Watch Whitney paint a huge owl!
Everyone loves owls!
Learn to paint owls with Whitney and then paint owls to give as gifts, 
to decorate your home, and to inspire your life!
Once you purchase this program you will receive instantly: 
  • All video lesson and a list of Whitney Freya's recommended painting supplies.
  • A link to an online album with all the video lessons, if you want to download the videos. 
  • Easy instructions to join her online art studio and the Life Artist Master Class for FREE. 
  • A special coupon code for some of Whitney's other art products, books and more. 
Paint these FOUR owls and learn heaps of painting tips and techniques.
You will love painting owls!
I can’t wait to see your owl paintings! 
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